FaceBook and Instagram Ad for Spark of Creation Studio

Headline: Take your skills from the screen to the stage!

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Your new dance quest awaits at Spark of Creation Studio!  

We offer classes for kids of all ages and levels in Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Hula, Tahitian, Tap, Jazz, and Music.  

We are committed to creating: 

Supportive community
Positive experiences
Artistic minds and bodies
Resilience through challenges
Kind thoughts and actions 

Discover your SPARK within.  

Click on the link below to schedule your free trial class today! (offer valid through 9/7/21)

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Email Copy for The Creative Copywriter Academy Assignment

You’ve found it, haven’t you?

The 10th circle of hell.

And it’s your job.  

Now you’re worried you’ll be stuck there forever, chained to your desk, killing off brain cells with mindless tasks, and staring desperately at the clock, willing it to just HURRY. UP. ALREADY.

Is this all there is?

Hell no!

Break the bonds of banality and boredom and get yourself into The Creative Copywriter Academy’s copywriting kickstarter course like I did! 

Write your way to freedom! And then stand in the rain with your arms outstretched ‘cause you just Shawshanked your way outta your crappy job. (But with way less poop. Virtually zero poop, actually.)

Don’t know anything about copywriting?

Neither did I! TCC’s got you, though.

This super affordable course covers the art and science of copywriting from soup to nuts AND the business end of being a freelancer. Like how to set up shop, get clients and gigs. 

And most importantly, how to get paid. 

For real, you can make some serious coin as a freelance copywriter. Don’t believe the myth that writers are starving artists.

Just ask the writers and mentors we can connect with in TCC’s forums. That baked-in community has been a lifeline ‘cause, like you, my networking skills … need improvement.

We get feedback from instructors within a day of posting assignments. So it’s not like we’re left in the void with nothing but the sound of crickets to keep us company.


Yeah, you are.

Go sign up.

I’ll see you in the Community forums.

Email Copy for JC Juicer (AWAI Copywriting Contest Entry)

Headline: Play with your food without the mess.

[Photo of juicer provided by client]

Soft fruits, dense veggies – JC Juicer takes all challengers.

Its adaptable dual-speed motor grinds the lights out of anything you throw into it. 

Whole apple? No problem. JC goes after it like rent’s due.

Get more juice, less pulp. Even from leafy greens other juicers leave behind.

With its non-dripping tunnel and easy to assemble parts, clean-up’s over before you have time to hate it.

Ready to power up your juicing game?

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