Maybe This Should Be A Cat Blog

Everett looking like a cute wee baby
“That’s YOUR job.” ~ Everett, certainly

So here we have Prince Everett, as he likes to be called and treated. Sitting there all sweet innocence, looking like a cute wee baby and not the missing fang, stage 2 kidney diseased nearly 15 year old curmudgeon he is. In reality having just yelled at me about slacking off my food dispensing duties even though he had just eaten. Because time has no meaning to a cat. Only an offensively empty food bowl does.

Honestly, have I no idea how absolutely famished he is? The nerve. 

Did I then get up to feed him more? Naturally. But only after immortalizing his complainy face for everyone’s (mostly my) enjoyment.

Click the image to embiggen and revel in the prince’s snaggletoothy glory.

Yeah, ok. I guess this is a cat blog now.